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What we are looking for:

  • on the promenade near the pier, in the categories of magic, juggling, pantomime, comedy, street theater, animation... for young and old

  • The duration of the performance is limited to a maximum of 30 minutes

  • The evaluation criteria will be announced by the jury on site

  • Re-application for the competition is only possible with a different or new program

  • Artists can perform at various seaside resorts

  • The winners of previous years can be given the opportunity to perform and make guest appearances outside of the rankings (not for the jury rankings)

  • No fees can be paid for the appearances

  • All registered participants receive free accommodation and meals

  • Each registered participant or group receives travel expenses up to a maximum of €600; This flat rate is paid depending on the distance

By the way: Collecting with your hat is generally allowed!


Thank you for your application! Our team will contact you soon.

The application phase for 2024 is closed.
Applications for 2025 are possible from October 2024.

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