Förderverein “Kleinkunst Usedom” e.V.

The Förderverein “Kleinkunst Insel Usedom” e.V. was founded in the fall of the year 2000 after the successful 1st International Kleinkunstfestival for Pentecost in the same year.

The association has promoted the promotion of cabaret and the performing arts in public spaces. We want to support the enrichment of cultural life on our island. With the International Kleinkunstfestival on the island of Usedom we have created a special highlight for all guests and residents. In our many years of work, we have succeeded in now belonging to a festival known worldwide. Every year, we receive over 250 applications from artists and artist groups from all over the world.

Another focal point is the annual playful “historical” presentation of the Heringsdorf Imperial Days. We support the event organization of the own company of the imperial baths. The Heringsdorf Imperial Days have since grown into the largest street festival in the region.

We receive helpful support above all through the Eigenbetrieb of the Kaiserbäder of the island Usedom. At this point, we would like to sincerely thank everyone who supports our work. These include, among others, the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the district of Vorpommern-Greifswald, the Foundation of the Sparkasse Vorpommern for science, culture, sports and society and the numerous hotels, spa clinics and businesses of the island of Usedom.
All donors are listed on our website.

The club consists of 23 members, one third of whom live on the island of Usedom, another third live in Berlin, the other members live in Freiburg, Hamburg, Wedel, Loitz and Cologne, so they are distributed in the country.

We are a numerically small club, but we are happy about anyone who wants to support us outside a membership. Our contact details can be found in the imprint. Help is always welcome.

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